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"Over the years I have struggled on and off with my weight. I finally decided to make some changes and I went to Dana to learn how to lose weight and keep it off. Not only did she educate me on what food is but she showed me how to create healthy alternatives to the foods I already enjoy eating. She guided me on how to make smarter choices in situations such as going out to lunch with my co-workers, parties and even holidays (she saved me on Thanksgiving). She spent time listening to me and applying my likes/dislikes and together we created different meal plans. I loved that she was very approachable and was able to answer all of my questions. Currently, I have maintained my 10lb weight loss without feeling deprived. I will ABSOLUTELY recommend her to all of my friends and family!"


San Francisco, CA

”I have been working with Dana McCabe, R.D. for the past two months to help me lose baby weight as well as learn how to eat healthier for more energy and to feel better. The results have been unbelievable! I have been lucky that I had never needed to diet before but found losing weight after having my son to be really difficult. Dana did a full analysis of what I was eating and helped me to make better choices to where I didn't feel like I had to starve myself! She is extremely knowledgeable, motivational and approachable. If you or anyone you know is looking to make changes in their diet, I highly recommend working with her!”


San Francisco, CA

"I had never been to a Dietitian before and wanted some help losing a few pounds and some tips about getting into shape before a trip I was taking.  I got MUCH more than a few tips from Dana!  She spent so much time with me going over my usual diet, foods I could substitute as better choices and how to set attainable goals for myself.  She could not have been more open and honest, yet I did not feel judged at all.  Dana really understood me AND her profession. She made the experience fun and best of all it worked!"


San Francisco, CA

“Dana McCabe was extremely professional and organized.  She not only analyzed my food record but created an appropriate eating program specifically for me.  She also provided many great suggestions for snacks and quick healthy meals, which has been very helpful.  Dana's program helped me lose most of the baby weight from my 2nd child.  I would highly recommend working with Dana to start eating healthier and lose weight. “


San Mateo, CA

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