Follow Up Sessions

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Each client has unique goals and unique hurdles to overcome.  I am here to provide you with the tools you need to make smart choices and support you through the journey.

We review your challenges and successes since our previous meeting and continue to set new goals.  In addition I provide you with continued phone and email support and ongoing accountability.  

During our Follow Up Sessions we will develop practical methods for incorporating changes into your daily life that are unique to your needs.  

What We Cover:

         How to read labels in the grocery store – don't be fooled by those long words that no one really understands

         Create food models so you really understand what portions look like

         Give you recipe substitutions so you can still make your favorite recipes while not compromising your commitment to your goals

         Help you create lasting lifestyle modifications

The more educated you are the easier it is to achieve lifestyle changes to not only reach your goals, but make the changes last.  

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