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Weight Management and Sleep

It is well known that sleep is essential to well-being.

Positive self-care involves approximately 8 hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep often is associated with irritability, decreased ability to concentrate, and poor performance at work or day to day activities. 

Current research is suggesting that sleep also is a key player in weight regulation. Lack of sleep is possibly a significant contributor to the “freshman 15,” postnatal weight gain, and overweight in people who work two or more jobs.


Some scientists have found that sleep deprivation increases levels of a hunger hormone and decreases levels of a hormone that makes you feel full. This may cause overeating and weight gain, and is caused by an artificial feeling, which is interpreted as hunger.

The extra time people spend awake usually is sedentary—TV watching, time on the Internet, and sedentary work. Many of these sedentary activities lend themselves to snacking, which also may keep people awake. The extra calories consumed during this time outnumber the calories burned and may contribute significantly to becoming overweight.


Other researchers dispute the above findings that relate overweight and weight gain to hormone levels. Rather, they attribute the overweight and sleep deprivation to lack of motivation for exercise and becoming more tired, which causes a couch-potato effect.

Researchers report that people who sleep less may actually eat less, but perhaps the fewer hours of sleep negatively affect their basal metabolic rate.

Either way, it appears sleep is an important factor in weight management.

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5 Tips for strengthening your heart

Since February is American Heart Health Month, here are 5 Tips for strengthening your heart:

1. Eat Heart Healthy Foods
Some great hear healthy foods are fruits, veggies (dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale), whole grains and healthy fats such as nuts and seeds, fish (salmon), avocados  olive oil and flaxseeds.

2. Move
Participate in some physical activity everyday to keep the blood moving freely through the body which allows your heart to have to work less.

3. Be a smart snacker

This helps to maintain blood sugar levels all day so you don't eventually overeat.  Examples include: turkey slice wrapped around asparagus, celery with 1T natural peanut or almond butter or hard boiled eggs 

4. Study the term Ubiquinol 
Ubiquinol is the converted form of  CoQ10 which promotes heart health and cardiovascular health.  Ubiquinol is found in eggs, fish, raw vegetables such as cauliflower, spinach and broccoli, and beef.

5. Know your numbers! 
Knowledge is power.  Visit your general practitioner and make sure they take your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose levels. These are numbers you should not just let the doctor note in his chart but numbers you should be aware of and understand.
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The 5 Commandments of Weight Loss

1. Thou shall think "choose well" not "diet" – Choose foods that allow you to fill up on fewer calories such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains (oatmeal, whole wheat products, brown rice) and lean protein (breast meat of poultry, legumes, seafood).

2. Thou shall make exercise fun- Pick your favorite aerobic activity and consider the time spent doing this activity "me time."

3. Thou shall eat out wisely- When you eat out, choose a broth based soup or a small salad as a first course. Possibly consider 2 appetizers instead of one entree. Avoid the bread basket and share dessert with a friend.

4. Thou shall not eat out of boredom- Avoid eating to relax or just to keep oneself busy. Instead take a walk, call a friend, or finish that project that you have been meaning to get to for some time.

5. Thou shall not skip breakfast- Starting the day with a high fiber, low-fat breakfast will help you consume fewer calories the rest of the day. How about some yogurt and fruit or a piece of whole wheat toast and peanut butter. Never skip breakfast!

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5 Tips To Avoding Holiday Weight Gain

Top 5 Tips to Avoiding the Holiday Weight Gain!

  1. One way to avoid overeating at a holiday party is to eat a snack before you leave home. If you arrive at a party starving, you’ll be more likely to overindulge. A half hour before heading to the party why not fill up on some fruit and yogurt, whole grain crackers and peanut butter or sliced vegetables and hummus.
  2. Browse the buffet table before you make a plate. Consider what foods are worth eating and what can be avoided, and then stick to your decision! Why waste calories on foods that don’t bring you pleasure.
  3. Rule of thumb, don’t drink your calories! Did you know that punches, eggnogs, and mixed drinks can have up to 500 calories per cup? Eat your calories instead of drinking them. Stick to lower calorie or calorie-free drinks such as diet sodas, water, vodka, light beer, or a glass of wine.
  4. When you are the host or hostess, try offering a few nutritious and lower-calorie foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats on the menu.
  5. Enjoy your favorite holiday treats but take a small portion, eat slowly, and savor the taste and texture of the wonderful foods of the season.
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