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My Personal Journey … 

Have you ever looked in the mirror and not recognized who was on the other side?   After 4 years of college I moved back to the bay area where I was born and raised, began full time work at a 9-5 desk job, moved into my first apartment, and enjoyed the city life just like most other 22 year olds. Enjoying the city meant carb heaven… late night pizza stops, Noah’s Bagels with cream cheese on the way to work every morning, and of course happy hour with friends and new co-workers. One morning I found myself looking into the mirror and not recognizing who I saw.  This “aha” moment made me reassess myself. 

I found myself constantly researching food and exercise tips and began my journey to lose the weight I had put on. Everyday that I made small changes I noticed a difference in my energy level. I then noticed my hair was shinier, my skin was clearer, and I was even sleeping better.  

RD Business PhotoI was addicted to this new lifestyle. I realized that feeding my body foods that were loaded with nutrients and taking up new hobbies such as hiking and yoga actually made me the best version of myself.

What I enjoy most about what I do is seeing my clients achieve success in reaching their health and nutrition goals and the benefits they gain by working together.  I am a registered dietitian (RDN) who has struggled with weight in the past so I can relate to my clients and the challenges that they face.  

My goal is to educate my clients on the true understanding of food, energy, and their synergistic relationship which our bodies need to survive and thrive.  




Through my own personal transformation I learned the meaning of the word “discipline.”  However, today I consider myself living by the “80/20” rule… 80% of the time I am conscientious about what I am feeding my body and “20%” of the time I know that life is short and sometimes you just want an order of fries. I don’t go one day without chocolate!

In addition to my personal commitment to my clients, I attended graduate school at San Jose State University and then completed an extensive internship at Regional Medical Center and Alum Rock School District in San Jose, CA. I am a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, San Jose Peninsula District, and Nutrition Entrepreneurs.


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